Isabelle Tan

Isabelle Tan,
New York


September 2022

256RECOVEREDIMGS — Book Design

Inspired by a class discussion about what makes an image worth saving, I decided to collect images I once thought were not worth saving. This book is a compilation of 256 images I recovered from my deleted folder, categorized based on texture, composition, and color.

March 2022

drones — Generative Art


A webpage that hosts a series of 100 generative artworks. The generative script revolves around multiple oscillators with randomized variables, such as color palette, sinewave, and frequency range, that generate unique compositions, textures, and sounds.

This was featured in an exhibition at CultureHub, New York City.

March 2021

MoMA PS1 Online AF — Posters

A series of posters based on an event. I mixed the steady compositions, influenced by InDesign’s text highlight feature, with analog touches centered on each artists’ field of work.

March 2021

Coin Collection — Website


Inspired by Chinese zodiac calendars and cosmic maps, I designed this interactive chart that lets users sort and filter through a multi-national coin collection. Coins are in actual size.

October 2020

Phasa Isan — Book Design

Book design based on a Wikipedia entry about the Isan Language.

October 2021

Poool — Mobile App


An app for musicians to connect, collaborate, and promote their work
to other musicians with ease.

April 2021

Noise Machine — Website


My version of a White Noise Sound Machine which produces loud and jarring sounds
to startle the user. Each key corresponds to an unpleasant sound, song, or national anthem.